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People have a lot of misconceptions about Arizona. If you could tell outsiders one thing about our state, what would it be?

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  1. broken-veins-say answered: I’m an outsider but it’s the most amzing place in the world
  2. kfc-lover answered: It’s HOT
  3. lemonanddil answered: There’s more here than cowboys,cactus and the Grand Canyon!
  4. clikthru answered: there are flying scorpions that if they sting you have only 2 hours to get the anti-venom or you die
  5. bosshieronymus answered: That it isn’t miserably hot ALL year round. My family in the Bay area say the dumbest things.
  6. heavensadream answered: It is one of the most beautiful states!
  7. 11thlife answered: photographers paradise!
  8. belikethemoon answered: not everyone here is racist.
  9. americabymotorcycle answered: I wasn’t expecting much when I passed through, but I was absolutely amazed by the colors of the sun on the rock formations.
  10. lokibat answered: Arizona is five times as beautiful as jan brewer is hateful.
  11. darkelitekaren answered: It’s not all desert, sand and cactus! We DO have green trees and beautiful flowers and there are places that regularly get snow in winter.
  12. treesonthehill answered: I want to go there…
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